Terms & Conditions

1 During the period of hiring, the hirer will
– use the equipment in a proper manner and would not attempt to adjust or repair the equipment or any component parts thereof nor remove or replace any such parts
– return the equipment after the stated period of the piano in good condition as when received by hirer
– inform the owner when the equipment require any repair or adjustment and not request permit or authorize any person other than the owner to carry out any repairs and adjustments”

2 The piano is to be kept at the address shown on this rental agreement.

3 Piano will not be sold, mortgage, pawn, pledge, encumber or dispose.

4 The piano will not be placed in any harsh humidity environment that may cause damage to the piano.

5 Hirer are fully and solely liable for damage to, or loss or destruction of the piano from any and all causes, including, but not limited to, accidents, theft, fire, water damage, storm damage, “acts of God,” vandalism, malicious mischief and mysterious disappearance. Should such damage or loss occur while the piano is in the hirer’s possession, hirer must pay Piano DoReMi for the lesser of the cost to repair the damage (if repairable) OR the full market value of the piano returned to the possession of Piano DoReMi or not.

6 Please understand that the piano should not be misused by any visitor of the event.

7 Only musical scores are allow on the piano. Food, beverages etc. must not be placed on any part of the piano.

8 Hirer acknowledges that from the time the Instrument is delivered until it is returned, hirer is responsible for the Instrument.

9 In the unlikely event that you wish to cancel your reservation, your deposit will be forfeited if your booking is less than 30 days away.

10 Piano DoReMi reserves the right to monitor events where the piano is being used.

11 Hirer warrants the truth and accuracy of all information contained herein and in all applications given to Piano DoReMi by Hirer.